Non-animal group words

Continued from previous post.

A company of actors

A host of angels

A claque of hired applauders

A sheaf of arrows

A troupe of artiste

A field of athletes

A hand of bananas

A batch of bread

A rooks of building

A sheaf of corn

A bale of cotton

A shock or fell of hair

A truss of hay

A hamlet of houses in village

A panel of jury men

A bevy of ladies

A rouleau of money

A rope of pearls

An anthology of poems

A posse of police to quell a mob

A pencil of rays

A nest of shelves

A board of directors

A chest of drawers

A clutch of eggs

A bunting of flags

A bouquet of flowers

A crate of fruits

A tuft of grass

A caffle/gang/cluster of stars

A set of tools

A clump of trees

A stack of wood

A skein of woolen threads

A gang of workmen




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