Words denoting numbers

This content would be highly helpful to solve analogical questions

A faculty of academics

A stand of arms

A conflagaration of arsonists

a park of artillery

A belt of asteroids

A culture of bacteria

A poverty of pipers

A festival of balloons

A shower of bastards

A bevy of beauties

A flotilla of boats

A cluster of bombs

A blush of boys

A shuffle of bureaucrats

A flock of bastards

A draught of butlers

A rabble of butterflies

A rainbow of butterflies

A coalition of cheetahs

An intrusion of cockroaches

A roll of coins

A cluster of computers

A convocation of eagles

A clashing of economists

A pain of ex-wives

An impatience of wives ( I know it is sexist)

A caste of flower pots

A giggle of girls

A cloud of gnats

A pantheon of gods

A wisdom of grand parents

A cloud of grasshoppers

A cluster of grasshoppers

An arsenal of guns

A battery of guns

A bloat/crash of hippopotamuses

An argumentation of historians

A charm/shimmer of humming birds

A multiply/unhappiness of husbands

A wealth of information

A cache of jewels

A mob of kangaroos

A huddle of lawyers

A colony of lepers

A lounge of lizards

A number of mathematicians

A riches of matrons

A gallimaufry of noises

A superfluity of nuns

A rope of onions

An illusion of painters

A ponder of philosophers

A kindness of ravens

A descent of relatives

A confraternity of smokers

A quarrel of sparrows

A disguising of tailors

A pool of typists

A spawn of umbrellas

A mob of wallabies of wives

A trip/plump of wildfowl

A coven of witches

A bond of women

A clew of worms

A swarm of sycophants

A leaning of left-wingers

An absolution of priests

A press of journalists

A patience of saints

An irritation of phones/mobile

An anorexia of supermodels (Lol!)

A smirk of estate agents

An attitude of teenagers

A decline of men

An ascension of women

An idiocy of reality television contestants

A clinch of lovers

A loneliness of long distance runners.
















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