Types of People

Ever wondered there are words for people with distinct peculiarities? Below are you could find few!

  • One who is difficult to please – Fastidious
  • One who has no sympathy – Callous
  • One who easily believes – Credulous
  • One who can be easily cheated – Gullible
  • One who believes in fate – Fatalist
  • One who believes in offering equal opportunity to women in every sphere – Feminist
  • One who abstains from alcohol –  Teetotaler
  • One who is wild and extravagant in opinion particularly in religious matters – Fanatic
  • One who is indifferent to pleasure and pain – Stoic
  • One devoted to pleasure of eating and drinking – Epicurist
  • One who derives pleasure from inflicting or watching cruelty – Sadist
  • One who is withdrawn from crowd – Introvert
  • One who is engaging with crowd and expressive – Extrovert
  • One who is having both the quality of introvert and extrovert – Ambivert
  • One who looks on the dark side of the things/events – Pessimist
  • One who looks on the bright side of the things/events – Optimist
  • One who understands many languages – Polyglot
  • One who does not believe in the existence of of God – Atheist
  • One who doubts the existence of god – Agnostic
  • One who delights to speak about himself or thinks only of his welfare – Egotist
  • One who devotes his life to the welfare and interest of other people – Altruist
  • One who has unresistant desire for alcoholic drinks – Dipsomaniac
  • One who hates cigarette smoking – Misocapnic
  • One who hates mankind – Misanthrope
  • One who devotes his service or wealth for the welfare for the love of mankind – Philanthropist
  • One who walks in his sleep – Somnambulist
  • One who talks in his sleep – Somniloquist
  • One who has the art of speaking in such a way that the sound seems to come from another person- Ventriloquist
  • One who can use both his hands – Ambidextrous
  • One who is a hard working person – Industrious
  • One who is a sensible and prudent person – Judicious
  • One who runs away from the law – Fugitive
  • One who takes refuge in foreign land – Alien
  • One who has an irresistible tendency to steal – Kleptomaniac
  • One who steals books – Biblioklept
  • One who breaks church images or ornaments – Iconoclast
  • One who dies for a noble cause – Martyr
  • One who leads a solitary life – Recluse/hermit
  • One who is compelled by law to be served as soldier – Conscript
  • One new to anything – Novice
  • One who engages in any pursuit for the love of it and not for gain – amateur
  • One who begs for alms – Mendicant
  • One who is a critical judge of art and taste – Connoisseur
  • One who is an expert at telling stories – Raconteur

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