Screen what you eat!

jago20grahak20jagoWhat do we find pure now-a-days? Tea leaves were discovered adulterated with iron flakes to expand their weight while the silver foil used to enhance the look of desserts like ‘Burfi’ was being substituted with Aluminum Foil, which is harmful to human being. Various pulses were found to have been adulterated with non-edible colours while ‘black pepper’ was blended with ‘papaya seeds’ to more money by corrupt merchants.

“Adulteration is the term used to describe deliberate contamination of food items diluting their purity.” This is done in order to increase the profitability or to meet the rising demands. Either ways it is harmful for the gullible consumers. Food adulteration has become the order of the day and, consumer education and awareness is the need of the hour. A common mistake committed by most consumers is to blindly pick up any product without reading the label which includes the details of the batch number, expiry date, manufacturers name and address. Sometimes, it is a spurious or duplicate product and can be mistaken for a reputed brand. Remember the “Crack Jack” biscuits sold in Railway Stations whereas the real brand name “KrackJack”

                   If any person manufactures for sale, stores, imports for sale or distributes any article of food which is adulterated or misbranded, he is liable under the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act, 1954 to be punished with imprisonment and fined.

National Consumer Helpline has provided indicative household tests to detect adulteration in common food items.

Click here for Basic Adulteration Tests

Please spread awareness! Jaago Grahak Jaago

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