Peculiar Military Words


Military slang is a set of colloquial terms which are unique to or which originated with military personnel. Out of curiosity I googled few, and discovered a whole new facet of military vocab.

Heres few:

  • Aggression – An unprovoked attack by an enemy
  • Belligerents – Nations carrying on warfare
  • Conscription – Compulsory enrlment as soldiers or sailors
  • Casualties – Killed or wounded in battle
  • Convoy – A number of ships travelling together under escort for the sake of safety
  • Contraband – Smuggling of goods or engaging in prohibited traffic
  • Espionage – The act or practice of spying.
  • Evacuate – To remove from one place to another to avoid the destruction
  • Embargo – An order prohibiting ships to leave the ports
  • Mobilize – To make troops, ships etc ready for war service
  • Invade – To enter a country as an enemy
  • Neutral – Taking neither side in the struggle
  • Alien – A foreigner in a belligerent country
  • Intern – To keep citizens in confinement
  • Ammunition – Shells, bombs, Military stores
  • Ordnance – Heavy guns, artillery and army stores
  • Bayonet – A knife fixed at the end of the gun
  • Parole – A promise given by a prisoner not to try to escape if given temporary release
  • Puttees – Lone strips of cloth bound round the legs of a soldier from the ankle to the knee.
  • Reveille – music for awakening soldiers in the morning
  • Arsenal – A place where naval or military weapons are made or stored.
  • Volley – A shower of bullets
  • Salvo – The firings of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion
  • Cavalry – Horse soldiers
  • Infantry – Foot soldiers
  • Fusillade – A number of firearms being discharged continously
  • Reconnoiter – To make an examination or preliminary survey of enemy territory or military objective
  • Armistice – An agreement to stop fighting
  • capitulate – To surrender to an enemy on agreed terms
  • Annihilate – To reduce to nothing
  • Amnesty – A general pardon of offenders
  • Battalion – The main division of army
  • Besiege – To surround a place with the intention of capturing it
  • Recruit – A soldier recently enlisted for service
  • Furlough – A soldier’s holiday
  • Bulletin – Official reports on the progress of the war
  • Diplomacy – The art of conducting negotiations between nations
  • Garrison – A body of soldiers stationed in a fortess to defend it
  • Bandolier – With pockets for carrying ammunition
  • Conscript – A person who is forced by law to become a soldier
  • Guerilla war – An irregular warfare conducted by scattered or independent bands
  • manoeuvre – Movement of ships or troops in order to secure an advantage over the enemy
  • Commandeer – To seize for military use
  • Demobilize – To release from the army
  • Bivouac – To camp in the open air without tents or covering.



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Portmanteau Words



Portmanteau word is a linguistic blend of words, in which parts of multiple words or their phones and their meanings are combined in a new word.

Remember Emoticon? Well our dear word is the portmanteau, coined by Emotion+ Icon!

Isn’t it amazing? I have listed portmanteau, do check!

  • Advertainment = Advertisement + entertainment
  • Advertorial = Advertisement+editorial
  • Affluenza = Affluence +Influenza
  • Because = By + cause
  • Bionic = Biology + electronic
  • Bit = Binary + digit
  • Blog = Web+ log
  • Brunch = breakfast + Lunch
  • Camcorder = Camera + Recorder
  • Cellophane = Cellulose + diaphane
  • Chillaxing = Chilling + Relaxing
  • Chingilish = Chinese + English
  • Cineplex = Cinema + Complex
  • Diabesity = Diabetes + Obesity
  • Dumbfound = Dumb + Comfound
  • Econocrat = Economist + Bureaucrat
  • Edutainment = Education + Entertainment
  • Email = Electronic + Mail
  • Fantabulous = Fantastic + Fabulous
  • Fanzine = Fan + Magazine
  • Fortnight = Fourteen + Nights
  • Franglish = French + English
  • Freeware = Free + Software
  • Gainsay = against + Say
  • Globish = Global + English
  • Glitz = Glamour + Ritz
  • Hassle = Haggle + Tussle
  • Hinglish = Hindi + English
  • Informercial = Information + Communication
  • Infotainment = Information + Entertainment
  • Intercom = Internal + Communication
  • Internet = International + Network
  • Knowledgebase = Knowledge + Database
  • Lox = liquid + Oxygen
  • Moblog = Mobile +weblog
  • Modem = Modulator + Demodulator
  • Motel = Motor + Hotel
  • Motorcade = Motor + Cavalcade
  • Multiplex = Multiple + Complex
  • Netiquette = Internet + Etiquette
  • Seascape = Sea + Landscape
  • Sitcom = Situation + Comedy
  • Smaze = Smoke + haze
  • Smog = Smoke + fog
  • Soundscape = Sound + Landscape
  • Stagflation = Stagnation + Inflation
  • Telegenic = Television + Photogenic
  •  Telex = Teleprinter +Communication
  • Travelogue = Travel + Monologue
  • Tween = Teen + Between
  • Webinar = Web + Seminar
  • WiFi = Wireless + Fidelity
  • Zonkey = Zebra + donkey


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Types of People

Ever wondered there are words for people with distinct peculiarities? Below are you could find few!

  • One who is difficult to please – Fastidious
  • One who has no sympathy – Callous
  • One who easily believes – Credulous
  • One who can be easily cheated – Gullible
  • One who believes in fate – Fatalist
  • One who believes in offering equal opportunity to women in every sphere – Feminist
  • One who abstains from alcohol –  Teetotaler
  • One who is wild and extravagant in opinion particularly in religious matters – Fanatic
  • One who is indifferent to pleasure and pain – Stoic
  • One devoted to pleasure of eating and drinking – Epicurist
  • One who derives pleasure from inflicting or watching cruelty – Sadist
  • One who is withdrawn from crowd – Introvert
  • One who is engaging with crowd and expressive – Extrovert
  • One who is having both the quality of introvert and extrovert – Ambivert
  • One who looks on the dark side of the things/events – Pessimist
  • One who looks on the bright side of the things/events – Optimist
  • One who understands many languages – Polyglot
  • One who does not believe in the existence of of God – Atheist
  • One who doubts the existence of god – Agnostic
  • One who delights to speak about himself or thinks only of his welfare – Egotist
  • One who devotes his life to the welfare and interest of other people – Altruist
  • One who has unresistant desire for alcoholic drinks – Dipsomaniac
  • One who hates cigarette smoking – Misocapnic
  • One who hates mankind – Misanthrope
  • One who devotes his service or wealth for the welfare for the love of mankind – Philanthropist
  • One who walks in his sleep – Somnambulist
  • One who talks in his sleep – Somniloquist
  • One who has the art of speaking in such a way that the sound seems to come from another person- Ventriloquist
  • One who can use both his hands – Ambidextrous
  • One who is a hard working person – Industrious
  • One who is a sensible and prudent person – Judicious
  • One who runs away from the law – Fugitive
  • One who takes refuge in foreign land – Alien
  • One who has an irresistible tendency to steal – Kleptomaniac
  • One who steals books – Biblioklept
  • One who breaks church images or ornaments – Iconoclast
  • One who dies for a noble cause – Martyr
  • One who leads a solitary life – Recluse/hermit
  • One who is compelled by law to be served as soldier – Conscript
  • One new to anything – Novice
  • One who engages in any pursuit for the love of it and not for gain – amateur
  • One who begs for alms – Mendicant
  • One who is a critical judge of art and taste – Connoisseur
  • One who is an expert at telling stories – Raconteur

Non-animal group words

Continued from previous post.

A company of actors

A host of angels

A claque of hired applauders

A sheaf of arrows

A troupe of artiste

A field of athletes

A hand of bananas

A batch of bread

A rooks of building

A sheaf of corn

A bale of cotton

A shock or fell of hair

A truss of hay

A hamlet of houses in village

A panel of jury men

A bevy of ladies

A rouleau of money

A rope of pearls

An anthology of poems

A posse of police to quell a mob

A pencil of rays

A nest of shelves

A board of directors

A chest of drawers

A clutch of eggs

A bunting of flags

A bouquet of flowers

A crate of fruits

A tuft of grass

A caffle/gang/cluster of stars

A set of tools

A clump of trees

A stack of wood

A skein of woolen threads

A gang of workmen




Words denoting numbers

This content would be highly helpful to solve analogical questions

A faculty of academics

A stand of arms

A conflagaration of arsonists

a park of artillery

A belt of asteroids

A culture of bacteria

A poverty of pipers

A festival of balloons

A shower of bastards

A bevy of beauties

A flotilla of boats

A cluster of bombs

A blush of boys

A shuffle of bureaucrats

A flock of bastards

A draught of butlers

A rabble of butterflies

A rainbow of butterflies

A coalition of cheetahs

An intrusion of cockroaches

A roll of coins

A cluster of computers

A convocation of eagles

A clashing of economists

A pain of ex-wives

An impatience of wives ( I know it is sexist)

A caste of flower pots

A giggle of girls

A cloud of gnats

A pantheon of gods

A wisdom of grand parents

A cloud of grasshoppers

A cluster of grasshoppers

An arsenal of guns

A battery of guns

A bloat/crash of hippopotamuses

An argumentation of historians

A charm/shimmer of humming birds

A multiply/unhappiness of husbands

A wealth of information

A cache of jewels

A mob of kangaroos

A huddle of lawyers

A colony of lepers

A lounge of lizards

A number of mathematicians

A riches of matrons

A gallimaufry of noises

A superfluity of nuns

A rope of onions

An illusion of painters

A ponder of philosophers

A kindness of ravens

A descent of relatives

A confraternity of smokers

A quarrel of sparrows

A disguising of tailors

A pool of typists

A spawn of umbrellas

A mob of wallabies of wives

A trip/plump of wildfowl

A coven of witches

A bond of women

A clew of worms

A swarm of sycophants

A leaning of left-wingers

An absolution of priests

A press of journalists

A patience of saints

An irritation of phones/mobile

An anorexia of supermodels (Lol!)

A smirk of estate agents

An attitude of teenagers

A decline of men

An ascension of women

An idiocy of reality television contestants

A clinch of lovers

A loneliness of long distance runners.